I signed up as I was struggling with weight gain, after having a baby, and struggling with knee pain. I have previously tried slimming world. Since working with John I've stopped focusing on my weight and more on my measurements and inch loss, which have all been going down and I'm fitting into my clothes more.

The best thing about it is it is easy to follow. I like that you get a video to show you how to do the work out if you are unsure, I've enjoyed the workouts, the programme is really easy to use and the app is great. I'm seeing results, which is the best thing for me, as I struggle having an underactive thyroid.

I would definitely recommend.

Sarah, 32

Aaron, 31

I had lost all motivation for the gym and I was also gaining weight. I had tried watching different YouTube videos etc and various diets to try and motivate myself but this didn't work.

After working with John I have found a new spark in the gym with the new routine and I have seen good results in my weight loss with using the tools and knowledge John has provided me.

The most beneficial part for me was John's knowledge, specifically his understanding of strength training.

The main things I like about working with John is; how he always keep in touch with me regarding everything; his knowledge of nutrition. For example if I didn’t like certain things to eat you could suggest something else that would be a good substitute. Also, using the training app that John set up for me helps me with remembering my workout routine whilst I’m at the gym.

If you're thinking of working with John then do it! John is professional, knowledgeable but approachable. He is always happy to help with all aspects of either your routine or diet. One factor I like is a simple message at the weekend asking me how my week of training and nutrition has gone, also with some motivation if I have not had a particularly good week to get me back on track next week.

Overall, John provides good informative and motivational videos and great all round training and diet plans.

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