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Exercising At Home

Updated: Jun 25

Stuck at home, can’t use the gym and now you’re fed up and losing motivation?!

I know many people who are faced with this reality at the moment and maybe for the future we will need to adapt to doing more home based workouts.

Prior to lockdown I started training at home more for the following reasons, which you resonate with.

Easy and Accessible

After a day at work and either walking some of the way home or cycling home it’s nice to train at home and enjoy the rest of your evening, without the additional journey to the gym.

This is easier for me to fit into my routine and I’ve started to really enjoy it more than my gym visits.

Quiet and Time Alone

I used to finish work at 17:00, get the tube home and then run to the gym to do a spin or yoga class to only stress myself out more.

I started to include a yoga workout at home after my weights session or run found this gave me more space, I enjoyed it more and I was able to unwind properly too.

Booking a class or having a training buddy to train with make a difference to your motivation and hold you accountable so that can be an issue if you aren’t careful. That’s why I’ve provided the following to help you get started with your home training and keep it consistent.

1. Schedule your sessions like an appointment

Get it in your diary and don’t move it. This has been a game changer. I’ll sit down every Sunday and plan out when is best for me to exercise and I do the same for my clients. This gives you complete autonomy over your schedule and allows you to plan other events around your exercise routine.

The same can be said for meal preparation, shopping lists and meditation but that’s for another day.

2. Do something you enjoy

After a bad day at work or being up half the night with your sick child the thought of doing a workout you don’t like can be painful. Although, somethings are necessary I would suggest doing a routine you enjoy. Well, enjoy at least 80% of the time.

I adapt my training routines with clients to ensure that they are enjoying the routine and can adhere to it. It’s about the journey, not just the destination.

3. Make it easily accessible

Having your mat, kettlebell and bands in place for when you come home in the evening can be a great way to slip straight into training mode on your return from work.

I do this regularly with placing my trainers, socks, shorts, t-shirt, headphones and bumbag by the door so I am ready for that morning run when it is scheduled.

It makes such a difference!

As we know, as soon as those we sit down we get comfy and nobody is moving us haha. I know that’s what I feel like and many of my clients.

Training at home can also be liberating. You can train with your kids, train barefoot, do your washing at the same time and chill straight after. Just don’t annoy your neighbours ;)

Get that yoga mat and your weights out and get started!

Training at home

Struggling for time to train? ...

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.


It’s such a common barrier that I thought I’d share this with you. ...

You need 30 mins, yourself and a dumbbell or kettlebell 👊🏻


3/4 sets


10 reps of each exercise ...

💪🏼 Thrusters

💪🏼 Split Squats (or any lunge movement)

💪🏼 Kettlebell Swings

💪🏼 Bent over rows (with a twist)

💪🏼 Single Arm Bench Press on the floor (or press ups)

💪🏼 Variation of a plank ...

I finished off with a few yoga stretches. Breathe through the poses and feel your own body. Get to know where you are tight, strong weak etc


Use the warm up and cool down to get in touch with your body 🤸🏼‍♀️ ...

I have a free 7 day challenge starting in September 🥇

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